100 000 win Cheap level opening of China made compact car

Little friends, everyone ~ recently in the background, often had friends ask onion “about 100,000 of the compact-class you choose? “Want to be able to meet a family trip, branding nothing required, peace of mind, to open on the line.

100,000 win! Cheap level opening of China-made compact car!

Onion today selected four own-brand compact class car, they grow comfortable moving, B50, Geely emgrand GL, Chery Ariza 7; after reading it, they pick their own ~

Long comfortable sedan version

Price: 80,900 ~9.59 million (not vague and electric vehicles, a total of 5)

Long ease moving from the sale in March of 2012, it has been a few years, whether it’s quality or reputation, have been very stable. At the time, the Plaza is fully independent of the original; although there are no advanced technology, but daily use is not particularly worry about, isn’t that what advantages?

Yi looked overall coordination line is very simple, and some modern.

100,000 win! Cheap level opening of China-made compact car!

The interiors, Yi has some changes, with family design, layering more abundant.

100,000 win! Cheap level opening of China-made compact car!

Power, Yi carries two 1.6L engines. One is the manifold-injection technology that has been used before, integrated comes with a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. Also got a direct injection engine, the maximum power and maximum torque has increased, only manual car type, smaller choices.

100,000 win! Cheap level opening of China-made compact car!

Space, Yat 2660mm wheelbase performance is not bad, internal sense of space meet household demand.

100,000 win! Cheap level opening of China-made compact car!

Configuration, 2016 Plaza standard big-screen navigation, ESP, leather seats, sunroof, leather multifunction steering wheel, reverse image utility configuration, and like 6 airbags with keyless entry/Start, you will need to buy better cars.

100,000 win! Cheap level opening of China-made compact car!

Onion reviews

Yi listing, after all, the initial, is appears as a pillar of Changan brand compact car. Even in this generation of models later in life, still equipped with a new engine, and old models to increase the safe and practical configuration, if automatic transmission can keep pace with, even better.

Onions recommended 1.6L automatic fashion, if you drive stick shift no problem, recommends manual sharp version.

Faw besturn B50

Price: 81,800 RMB ~12.28 million (a total of 8 models)

At the Changchun auto show this year, besturn B50 finally ushered in the new generation models. Compared to older models, whether the appearance of Interior or the power system, there has been some progress.

Terms of appearance, besturn B50 introduced a new family of design, sport Edition models is very dynamic.

100,000 win! Cheap level opening of China-made compact car!

Compared appearance besturn B50 interior is a little dull, but I can see that material kind.

100,000 win! Cheap level opening of China-made compact car!

Besturn B50 used 1.6L and 1.4T engine, which matches 1.6L 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic gearbox, 1.4T matches only the 6-speed manual gearbox, ride comfort is guaranteed. B50 is an old horse six suspension system, is good.

100,000 win! Cheap level opening of China-made compact car!

Space, B50 than older models has improved, after all the 2725mm wheelbase than the previous 2675mm, grows a lot. Although space is not particularly amazing, but you can still make the B50 in compact models, are in a very advantageous position.

100,000 win! Cheap level opening of China-made compact car!

Configurations, depending on the model will be equipped with 4 airbags, keyless entry/Start, ESP, leather multifunction steering wheel, cruise control, electric seats, seat heating, automatic air conditioning.

Onion reviews

New B50 compared to older models have a lot of progress, the younger fashion, power has also followed the trend. Low car price is not very high, do not recommend.

With the configuration of the 1.6L and 1.4T models is only a difference of 3000 Ducats, onion 1.4T luxury deserves more attention. (End of December purchases 4000 benefits)

Geely emgrand GL

Price: 78,800 ~11.38 million (7 models)

After Geely introduced midsize cars as well as two models of SUV, compact-class Regency GL was also listed, no surprises, the car is still in the car, had to wait ~

Look, Imperial GL-bodied double waist design on the side, the small “slipped back” style is still relatively thin.

Imperial GL interior materials and colors are good, put together a grade.

Motivation, Imperial GL equipped with two engines, respectively, 1.8L and 1.3T, with the GS of the same power unit. Like smooth output 1.8L,1.3T at 1750 RPM Turbo is involved, so the start is a little push back.

Space, cash than imperial, Imperial GL wheelbase has increased 50mm, Central and rear raised few; no stiff feeling rear backrest angle, cushion filling is quite soft, long full comfort is still good.

Configuration, to tell the truth, minimum distribution model no ESP for onions was a little unexpected. According to the different models, Imperial GL is equipped with numerous key entry/Start, 6 airbag, cruise control, leather power seats, reverse images; hat as well as active safety systems and adaptive cruise;

Onion reviews

Imperial GL wheelbase and body size, according to the old standard, to make it “mixed” into the midsize car is not surprising, this is somewhat similar to the above, the B50. Manufacturer’s policy is very clear, is to watch the space, configuration, and face value where three cards are almost always able to indiscriminately. Even with low no ESP does not matter, because appearance is large enough, still let you open it can feel really wannna, but also “live”.

However, the onion is not recommended, we recommend our smaller automatic elite and premier partners take a look at 1.3T.

Chery Ariza 7

Price: 79,900 ~9.59 million (total 8)

See this guidance, onion subconsciously think 79,900 Ariza 7 1.6L model’s starting price, a closer look only to find that 1.5T is the starting price, Chery’s great hopes for their 1.5T.

Ariza 7 appearance of highly original, after little change, though not too much out of place, but more coordination than they once were.

The interiors, Ariza 7 in favour of practical, work very hard, there are leather-wrapped place increases the red stitching;

Motivation, Ariza 7 using 1.6L and 1.5T, 1.6L matches 5-speed manual and CVT gearbox, 1.5T models only manual transmission.

This 1.5T one of the results of Chery in cooperation with AVL company, is precisely because of this origin, also in the future success of the concept by cooperation with Coyne Sager. Well, technically this engines use direct injection still adopts the traditional-manifold injection, equipped with variable intake and exhaust timing system, the potential is very large.

Up gesture, AVL company, why?

AVL company, also known as “Lister internal combustion engines and test equipment company (AVL List GmbH)”. Founded in 1948, the company is headquartered in Austria by Graz; do engine is a professional research and development, design, consulting, and engine testing equipment production of multinational technology group.

Well, went on to say it! Car onion rings double buy these The money would

Space, Ariza wheelbase with imperial GL the same as 2700mm, also similar, legroom is adequate;

Storage space everywhere is a bright spot, with high vehicle compartment on the bottom of the mat, it is subtle see chapter really Ah ~ ~

Configurations, standard ESP, leather multifunction steering wheel, cruise control, it is quite practical. With high models equipped with a keyless entry/Start, 6 airbags, sunroof, electric heated seats, such as configuration.

Onion reviews

Chery brand are not good at marketing, but hard work, not much attention is spent watching the place. At this level, Ariza 7 has a good hardware Foundation (r turbo engines, multi-link independent suspension). If the software and spend some time and effort on marketing and service, coupled with the right price, which is more attractive. Ariza 7, onions recommended by 1.5T manual Edition.

Well, today the content on here, have any demand please advice and questions Oh, onions will try to for kids to answer.

Bunkers of knowledge and also want to see more cheats please? In the “auto onion rings” micro public reply, ‘ car ‘, ‘ auto brand keywords, there will be more!


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